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Fannie Mae Scholarship fund

Named after Chattanooga icon Fannie Mae Charles, who was often involved with events at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and often to the importance of education. This educational support scholarship will be awarded to local LGBTQ+ self-identified students who need support for books, transportation, housing, and/or tuition for post-k-12 educational pursuits. The application for the fund will be open each December and recipients will be notified in the spring of awards.  Applicants must supply demonstration of post k-12 college or post-secondary school program acceptance and matriculation.


In the interest of growing this fund, 25% of donated funds will be reserved each year to work toward the sustainability of this funding resource.

Businesses, organizations, and members of the community fund this fund. Each entity that donates will be highlighted on our website and social media as a donor.

We currently have a sponsor willing to match funds donated up to $2,500!


Please consider donating today! 

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