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Pride of Chattanooga Pageant


Reigning: Hormona Lisa

Hormona Lisa has only been doing drag for about a year and a half, but she’s already made a big name for herself as Chattanooga’s Disney Princess! As her billing implies, Hormona is known mostly for performing to Disney and Broadway music. Her choice of music is probably inspired by her passion for theater. Out of drag, she has won awards at the Georgia Theatre Conference and the Southeast Theatre Conference. With a background like that, it’s no wonder she feels comfortable on stage and quickly became a local favorite in Chattanooga! Hormona describes her style as “old school with a touch of camp” and names Disney princesses, Jon Benet Ramsey, and Marilyn Monroe as inspirations.

And lately, her achievements have really been stacking up. She is the recently crowned Tennessee Fool 2021, Tennessee Sweetheart 2021, and is the current reigning Pride of Chattanooga. She also has a big heart and looks for ways to give back whenever she can. She may be called Chattanooga’s Disney Princess, but she’s proven to be a real queen.

Former Reigning Queens:

2007 | Alyvia St. Claire
2008 |
2009 |
2010 | Danielle Delong
2011 |
2012 | Alyssa Paige
2013 | T'yana Montice
2014 | Luscia Montice
2015 | Alexiya St. Martin
2016 | Juicy St. Claire
2017 | Aurora Starz and Warren Peace (Robyn Houses assumed the reign for Aurora)
2018 |
2019 |

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